5 Reasons Why Established Businesses Should Invest in Outsource SEO Services for Their Brands


5 Reasons Why Established Businesses Should Invest in Outsource SEO Services for Their Brands

Every established business with a website wants (or at least wishes) to rank better on Google as well as other search engines. But unfortunately, they can’t just “will” themselves to the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Beyond having improper content deployment that leads to lost opportunities, most in-house digital marketing teams do not have the skill or the manpower to properly and efficiently execute an enterprise SEO campaign.

Fortunately, recent case studies have shown that big businesses are more likely to rank higher on SERPs after outsourcing their SEO services to professional SEO agencies.

That’s why we’ve prepared this in-depth article that shows the top 5 reasons why your big established business should invest in outsourcing SEO services.

Let’s get started!

5 Reasons Why Established Businesses Should Invest in Outsource SEO Services for Their Brands

Is Investing in Outsource SEO Services Really Worth It?

You’re probably thinking that “outsourcing SEO services” means doing away with your business’s in-house team – which should not be the case. Having an in-house digital marketing team is great.

However, relying on the in-house alone to propel your business’s website to the top of SERPs is quite a gamble. Don’t get us wrong – we have nothing against in-house SEO teams. 

Hiring a professional SEO agency might be more beneficial to your large-scale business. Here’s why:

Most large-scale businesses have a hierarchical system of doing things. While the system ensures accountability, responsibility, and clear lines of reporting within the business, it makes them execute decisions slowly.

Here’s an example:

Imagine this; You are working in a fortune 500 cosmetics company as the in-house digital marketing departmental head. After going through several heatmap videos, you conclude that your website has a high bounce rate because of its outdated UX/UI and needs remodeling.

Therefore, you reach out to the IT departmental head and share your views on what you’d like and why. You both agree to discuss the issue with the business’s owner as well as other stakeholders.

If the points are compelling enough, then the software development department will need to come up with unique and engaging UX/UI designs. They may even request new computers and computer parts (RAM, SSDs, etc.) to support the remodeled website.

The finance department then raises a concern that the proposed plan exceeds the allocated budget. They’ll have to meet again to discuss the way forward. After the budget is verified and approved, it takes the IT department several months to complete the remodel.

Then, the finance departmental head requests you to share your digital marketing budget which you do promptly. Unfortunately, you are requested to lower your budget as the company overspent during the remodeling phase of the website.

Your proposed budget may have been well within the company’s ability, but you were told to lower it because of power and ego games within the company.

Notice how long all these processes take? Each step has to be verified and approved before work begins and sometimes, you are forced to lower your work standard. And this is how most large-scale companies/brands operate.

Here’s the deal:

Professional SEO agencies are immune to power and ego games. In addition, they are capable of developing a realistic budget without compromising access to the latest and most powerful resources.

professional SEO agency

Again, outsourcing SEO services for your large-scale business does not limit you geographically. Hiring digital marketing experts from within your town/city (or country) only makes you miss out on working with smart and talented people across the world.

Reasons Why Established Businesses Should Invest in Outsource SEO Services

1. It is Cost-Effective

Enterprise SEO is complex and difficult. Training your in-house team on how to handle large-scale business SEO is not cost-effective nor time efficient.

Getting enterprise SEO wrong from the start of your SEO campaign should be at the top of your “to be avoided” list. It’ll end up costing you more money and time to rectify the wrongs done before you can start over again.

At this point, your website’s credibility and reputation may not be as strong as before the campaign started. It, therefore,  means there is a great chance you might end up losing your existing organic traffic.

Here’s why you should consider outsourcing your SEO services:

You’ll get to work with professionals who have years of experience in the field. These professionals know how to quickly and efficiently execute your business’s website’s SEO campaign and get you on the top three websites on SERPs.

2. Saves a Lot of Time

At the end of the day, SEO campaigns must prove a profitable return on investment. Choosing to invest in outsourcing SEO services allows established businesses to focus on their core competencies, therefore, attracting more customers in more ways than digital marketing only.

Remember, enterprise SEO does take quite some time to show substantial results. And since SEO agencies already have up-to-date experts and resources ready to get down to business, outsourcing your SEO services will help you reduce that period.

In addition, outsourcing SEO services for your established brand gives your business the ability to allocate resources e.g., computers, office space, etc. to other “important” departments.

Note: We’ve included a section at the end of this article that’ll help you know how to choose an effective and trustworthy SEO agency.

3. Smartness and Scalability

Indeed, enterprise SEO and “normal” SEO are not entirely the same. Again, enterprise SEO is way harder and more complex. And it’s normal for large-scale business websites to have several hundred thousand web pages if not millions.

These businesses might also have multiple locations globally with each location having its localized website.

large-scale business with multiple locations

Logically, you cannot update/refresh content from a 100,000-web-page website and keep track of all other activities, e.g. creating new content, managing social media accounts, etc.

Also, established businesses need so many keywords to rank – it’s practically impossible to write content focusing on all the keywords when doing keyword research. 

You’ll need to be scalable and smart to do large-scale business SEO.

Check this out:

Two of the core pillars behind a successful large-scale business SEO campaign are scalability and smartness. You cannot have one without the other.

You have to be smart to know which pages need to be updated/refreshed with new content and which keywords to use to get more organic traffic. You also have to employ scalability – otherwise, you’ll get lost in the deep sea of not knowing what to do.

Professional SEO agencies offer scalability and smartness. They know which web pages to target and which keywords to use to get you the exact results you desire. And this is mainly because they have team members with the skills and experience to get it done right the first time.

4. There’s Too Much At Stake

A great percentage of purchases often start with a quick and simple online search on popular search engines.

Without getting things done right the first time, there is a great chance you might end up losing prospects. If you do not have new prospects to convert into customers, you end up losing money and wasting time.

Many large-scale companies have multiple locations with each location having its website. It will not be economical to have a team of digital marketers at each location.

Here’s a question that every large-scale business manager or owner has to ask themselves:

“When was the last time my website clicked on the first page of Google SERPs?” Also, if it has ever ranked on the first page of Google, was it at least among the top 5 websites displayed on Google’s SERPs?

5 Reasons Why Established Businesses Should Invest in Outsource SEO Services for Their Brands

Image Source: Google

If not, it would be best if you’d consider outsourcing your business’s SEO services to a professional SEO company. That way, you’ll be confident that your company’s SEO campaign is in experienced and safe hands.

5. Keeping Up with the Latest SEO Practices

Most professional SEO agencies have professionals who have the time and the resources to keep themselves posted on new white hat SEO techniques.

Check this out:

It’s no secret that most large-scale businesses and brands still try to use traditional methods of ranking on SERPs. Such methods include stuffing content with exact keywords in an attempt to trick search engines.

Consider this example:

According to a recent study done by Moz, Google has made 12 updates to its search engine algorithm to enhance user experience. A recent update from Google suggested that content published on websites should use a people-first approach.

Google SEO Update

Image Source: Google Search Central Blog

Now, most SEO experts in professional SEO agencies already know this because they are members of SEO communities and forums. They also have the time and resources to attend conferences, webinars, etc. which helps them build their skills and networks.

Red Flags to Look Out for When Choosing A Professional SEO Agency

At this point, you are probably convinced of the importance of outsourcing SEO services for your large-scale business. As such, there are certain red flags that you should look out for before settling for an SEO agency.

Check them out:

  • Unrealistic promises – An SEO agency should not promise you a specific ranking for your enterprise website after. If they do so, they are probably using black hat SEO techniques which might end up hurting your SEO efforts. Google may decide to suspend your web pages or lower their positions on SERPs.
  • No regular reporting – It’s true that SEO does take time to see substantial results. If an agency does not provide regular reports (bi-weekly or monthly), that’s a big red flag. You need to walk away as fast as you can.
  • Publishing content without approval – a professional SEO agency should not publish content that has not been approved by your in-house digital marketing team. This is mainly because the agency may have represented the company in the wrong way or the company’s goals may have shifted over time. Publishing content without approval is another red flag that needs to be handled on the spot as it could hurt your business.
  • Lower pricing – if an agency’s prices are significantly lower than other agencies, then you need to be careful. Why? Most SEO agencies charge around the same price, meaning they do their best to ensure that your website gets more visits and ranks on Google’s SERPs. If the pricing is lower, then there is a great probability that the work being done by the agency is simply not that good.
  • Low visibility on SERPs – if a professional SEO agency cannot get their website to rank and have organic traffic, how then do you expect them to deliver on your enterprise website?
  • Questionable SEO plans – if a professional SEO agency provides you with a vague or generic plan, then that’s a huge red flag. A legitimate SEO agency should be willing to take you through every step of the way as to how they’ll achieve specific SEO goals.

The plan should outline short-term and long-term strategies for attracting organic traffic, increasing visibility through ranking higher on SERPs, etc.

Pro tip: It would be best to engage your in-house digital marketing team to help you choose the right SEO agency. Doing so will also help the team have a good working relationship with the hired professional SEO agency after the interviewing process is complete.


Investing in outsourcing SEO services for your large-scale business is essential for your enterprise SEO campaign. 

Remember, outsourcing your SEO services to an SEO agency does not mean doing away with your in-house team. The SEO agency and your business’s in-house digital marketing team must work together for the best results.

However, it is also critical that your selected SEO agency uses the right techniques as the wrong ones could hurt your SEO efforts. The damage caused can be quite severe – you might end up losing your existing organic traffic.

Read our review on the best SEO strategies for large-scale businesses to help you understand how you can correctly do enterprise SEO.


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5 Reasons Why Established Businesses Should Invest in Outsource SEO Services for Their Brands
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