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  1. Sitemetrik will not disclose to third parties except for the personal privacy, Privacy Policy and application and scope transmitted through Personal information includes any other information such as name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address and will be briefly referred to as Confidential.
  2. Sitemetrik will not disclose personal information to any company or third parties as defined in this Privacy Policy and User Agreement. Sitemetrik will only be able to share personal information with third parties in order to obtain their own information and similar researches.
  3. Sitemetrik undertakes to strictly keep personal information private and confidential, to consider it as a follow-up to the order, to monitor and maintain confidentiality, to show the necessary measures and due diligence for the public entry of all or any part of confidential information or disclosure to a few unauthorized third parties. If Sitemetrik takes the necessary information security measures, the attacks on and the system see a hidden problem or fall into the third hand, Sitemetrik will not have any responsibility.
  4. We use cookies to develop user experience, obtain efficient work and track statistical data. You are agreeing to our use of cookies by browsing our website.



Cookies are small text files stored on your mobile device for use when visiting a website. In these files, your IP address, session information, the pages you access, etc. is stored. Thanks to cookies, your website preferences can be remembered, your session can be kept open or you can be presented with the content you are interested in.

Cookies are divided into different types according to criteria such as their storage time on mobile devices and by whom they are placed. In this context, the types can be listed as Permanent Cookies, Session Cookies, First Party Cookies and Third Party Cookies.


The Cookie Policy has been prepared to guide the website users by painting the cookies and the types of cookies used and how to manage cookie preferences. Sitemetrik Software Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Sitemetrik” or “Company” for short.) as with many websites, it is the experience of visiting the website and increasing the service, selling and so on.


Different cookies can be used to serve on our website. At the beginning of this page, we would like to state that all cookies used to comply with the Privacy Policy and the Protection of Personal Data. In this context, the cookies used on our site are as follows.

* Functionality Cookies: When visiting the website, your language preferences, region selection, etc. allows it to be remembered.

* Targeting / Advertising Cookies: Targeting and advertising on the website use different first-party and third-party cookies. You can read these cookies.

* Mandatory Cookies: These are technical cookies that you can get and access correctly when you buy the internet. They are in the session cookie category. If these cookies are blocked, it results from the inability to use the website features. You do not have your consent for the use of essential cookies.

* Analytical Cookies: Analytical cookies are used to purchase your website experience. Analytical cookies allow you to understand how you use the website (eg which pages you visit, visit, etc.). You can improve our offer or change the design of the website.


You can remove the cookies from your computer by using the links given below. These links may vary based on the preferences of your browser provider. You can access similar information through the help menu of your browser or application.

Assistance for the cookies specific to your browser:

You have the opportunity to change cookie preferences. In this context, you can prevent the use of cookies. If cookies are not allowed, we would like to remind you that some specialties may be lost. If you do not approve of cookies, we request that you change your cookie preferences in this Policy.

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