B2B Industry SEO Success Story in International Market

B2B SEO Success Story in International Market

International B2B SEO Success Story


Our client, a dynamic B2B entity with an international footprint, aimed to fortify its online presence and drive substantial growth. Seeking to optimize their digital strategy, they enlisted our expertise to implement a holistic SEO transformation.


  • With a meticulous approach, we identified targeting keywords for each page, laying the foundation for a refined and strategic SEO strategy.
  • We optimized pages according to the identified targeting keywords, implementing tailored adjustments for improved search performance and relevance.
  • Implementing technical fixes, our team addressed underlying issues to ensure a robust and error-free online presence.
  • Formulating a new SEO-friendly blog post strategy, we aimed to enhance content relevance and visibility, aligning it with the client’s overarching business goals.
  • Conducting optimization of previous blog posts, we brought them in line with current SEO best practices, ensuring sustained visibility and value.


  • Result: Our collaborative efforts yielded exceptional results, with the client experiencing an impressive 730% growth in clicks and a remarkable 260% growth in impressions within a mere 7 months.
  • Website Platform: WordPress
  • Business Type: B2B
  • Target Location: International
International B2B SEO Success Story
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