%570 Organic Growth in Six Months

Pet Care Products Market SEO Success Story

SEO Success in Pet Care Industry


This is an internally owned and operated online save promoting pet care products in the US. The internet site used to be first launched in early 2020 and the purpose with search engine optimisation has been completely to force sales, with no effort (yet) put into center or pinnacle of funnel content.


By evaluating the competition, we noticed the largest probability was once in product class pages no longer product pages. In fact, product pages had been frequently accountable for nearly no visitors to competitor stores.

We additionally noticed that there have been a vast quantity of key phrases to goal on these product categories, ranging from colors and styles, room options, sizing options, and more.

Another frequent trouble with rivals with all these selections and merchandise to aid them, was once a giant quantity of key-word cannibalisation with it being uncertain which web page need to rank.


We determined to construct a very lean internet site with merchandise blocked in Robots.txt and no weblog to start with, for simplicity and time-saving reasons.

This left us with an eCommerce save with much less than a hundred and fifty listed pages, with the enormous majority of these being product class pages.

For every page, we carried out key-word lookup and wrote an optimised H1, H2s, title tag, meta description (for CTR), and quick class description. Along with an inner linking shape between applicable product categories.


%2700 organic growth in 11 months.

SEO Success in Pet Care Industry
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