%250 Organic Growth in Four Months

SEO Success Story in Software Industry

Software company SEO Story


Our client was a software company that specialized in developing and providing innovative solutions for businesses around the world. The company had a strong presence in their home country, but was looking to expand and reach more customers in international markets.


To help the client achieve their goals, we developed a comprehensive SEO strategy that focused on improving their on-page optimization and targeting international audiences. This included conducting thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and effective keywords to target in different languages and markets, as well as optimizing the website’s content, structure, and navigation to improve its search engine rankings.


To put our plan into action, we implemented a variety of tactics to improve the client’s search engine rankings. This included optimizing the website’s content and meta tags, improving the internal linking structure, and creating high-quality content that would appeal to international audiences. We also worked closely with the client to ensure that their website was properly optimized for local search in each of the countries they were targeting, and that their products and services were accurately represented online.

The Results

The results of our efforts were impressive. Within just 4 months, the client’s website saw a significant increase in organic traffic, with a 250% growth in the number of visitors coming to the site from search engines. This led to a significant increase in the number of leads and sales for the business, as well as a higher conversion rate and average order value. The company was able to expand their operations and reach more customers in international markets as a result of the success of this SEO campaign. The impressive results demonstrated the power of effective on-page optimization and its impact on a business’s online presence and success.

Software company SEO Story
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